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Brandon has been training clients since 2011, throughout the private, collegiate & professional ranks. He has trained thousands of clients, helping them accomplish goals ranging from improving general health, all the way to optimizing athletic performance.
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Ron S
"Brandon is the best S&C trainer out there. He knows how to custom tailor workouts specific to your needs. I feel invigorated after working with Brandon & my results prove it. Brandon really cares about the results you achieve."
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"I highly recommend Brandon. He is always available & pays attention to little details to get the most out of me while keeping me safe."
Casey S
"Brandon knows how to relate to clients of all ages. My speed & agility took off under Brandon's direction. I became the fastest player on my soccer team, strengthened my whole body & reduction in injuries under Brandon."
"Brandon is a fantastic trainer who listens to his clients needs & wants. He assisted me with strength training, weight loss & overall health. Brandon displayed true dedication & enjoyed work with him!"
"Brandon assisted me with strength training while managing previous injuries. He paid attention to my needs & wants while focusing on my overall health & safety. I highly recommend Brandon for all training to help reach your goals."
Chris T
"The techniques & training program that Brandon provides is like none other. My body has never felt more invigorated & challenged. Choose to take it to the next level."
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Our Services

1 on 1 Training Sessions

Whether you are looking to improve your general health, or train for a specific goal, I will take you through a individualized program to help those goals become a reality.

Price: $75

Performance Training

Having multiple years of experience in both the professional & collegiate setting, I will be able to provide a workout that will help you thrive in your sport & improve strength, speed & power.

Price: $75

Group Training Session

I can train groups of all sizes, from two people to large teams. With the experience training large amounts of people at one time, I know how to optimize workouts in a group setting.

Price: Inquire Within
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Brandon Nakrin is a Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the college level. He has been in the field since 2011 when he began as a volunteer Strength and Conditioning Coach. Since that time, he has worked at numerous colleges and in the private setting throughout the New York area. He has experience training Division 1 and Division 2 athletes across numerous sports, as well as young athletes and the general population. Brandon has his masters in Sports Science & holds several certifications in the Strength and Conditioning field, including his CSCS, USAW & RPR Level 2. He truly believes one’s goals are achieved through a holistic approach. This approach will elicit the fastest results, help minimize injuries, and be most beneficial for long-term success.
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